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Ko Exchange

Trade, earn, stack yields and win crypto on the most community driven, decentralized platform

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The KO Exchange blockchain and product ecosystem enable development of high-performance blockchain projects. An array of original features and protocol is designed to support speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform.

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multi chain
Token Swapping

Thanks to KO Exchange you can transfer your assets accross networks at the click of a button. Enhance your liquidity, switch to other chains in one click.

KO Token

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

Inter Blockchain Communication

The open-cource inter blockchain communication. No prerequisites, no thrid-party components.

private transaction
Private Transaction (Coming soon)

Optional add-ons to make native token swapping private or obfuscated for extra security.

Supported Blockchain &

suported blockchain

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